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Welcome to our website! We are MGFX! We are the broadcast graphics hub for Media General and we rock design!

All day every day we live, eat, and breathe graphics. Our team produces in excess of 6,000 graphics every month and we're here working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our world is filled with endless possibilities as we take your ideas and bring them to life! Most of our work is highly customized to your specific needs. That makes us different than most graphic hubs. We’re fast, efficient, and highly creative. We actually love what we do and we’ve been doing it successfully since 2007. Need an animation? No problem. Want a show branded? Piece of cake. Think you might want some high end 3D? Bring it on! We do it all – from clean, concise, custom daily news graphics to complex pre-pro and animation for news and marketing. We even design for large format print and digital! And did we mention virtual sets? Yeah. We do that too. Our team of designers are experts in a wide array of skill sets that can address any design need you might have. They are highly motivated and eagerly awaiting the next challenge.

So when you’re in need of a dynamic design for your station you know where to come. We do it all and we do it really well. Oh – and we’ll give you world class service too! Why? Simple. Our service is as important to us as the work we produce for you. It isn't enough to just deliver your graphics. We want to deliver them as quickly as possible and in most cases we'll discuss improvements that might take them to the next level! Nothing satisfies us more than knowing we helped make your vision a reality. We make every effort to keep our clients happy. Think we’re kidding? We have a book of kudos to prove it and we’ve worked hard to gain a reputation as a model for the industry.

Now check out our site; feast your eyes on some of our work. Be inspired and get to know our smiling faces. We’re your friends, we’re always here to help, and your next graphic could be just moments away...

MGFX – The design you need, when you need it.


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Services Provided

Motion Graphics

MGFX artists create a variety of sleek and eye-catching motion graphics, from transitions to monitor animations to show opens.

Daily News Graphics

MGFX creates custom still graphics for the day’s biggest stories, which are distributed company wide twice daily.

3D Design

MGFX artists use 3D modeling software to model complex objects, create custom animations and packages, or even bring shine and depth to a logo.


MGFX creates logos and packages with a strong brand and cohesive design, as well as designing marketing materials for our stations.

Print Design

MGFX also provides a wide variety of print services to our stations, such as outdoor creative, set backdrops, vehicle wraps, and even news room murals.


Every project created by MGFX is guaranteed to be imaginative, original, and aesthetically pleasing.

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Turnaround Times

  • 1 day
  • 2 Day
  • 3 Days
  • 5 Days
  • 2-3 Weeks
  • CALL
  • 50 Days/CALL
  • Savannah Mitsubishi

    Commercial Production

  • The Bridge


  • Dayton Living


  • Demo Reel 2016

    Demo Reel 2016

  • WJHL Most Wanted Roundup

    Vehicle Wrap

  • Impact&Launch

    Daily News

  • The Southern Scene


  • Daytime Tri-Cities


  • The Dish


  • Your Carolina

  • Studio 62


  • Targeting Isis

    Vehicle Wrap

  • Thursday Night Blitz


  • Digital Solutions

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  • Countdown to Nascar

    Click link to view animation.

  • The Very Vera Show


  • Daytrippers

    Click link to view animation

  • Giving Back

    Click the link to view animation.

  • InDependence

    Click link to view animation.

  • What’s Cooking Mississippi

    Clink the link to view animation.

  • Unusual Town Names

    Click link to view animation.

  • Hurricane Hunters

    Click link to view animation.

  • Last Mission

    Click link to view animation.

  • Capitol Edge

    Clink link to view animation

  • Burger Bytes

    Click the link to view animation

  • BCS Championship Stinger

    Click link to view animation.

  • Guy Roofing

    Click link to view snipe clip.

  • Race for the Cure

    Click the link to view snipe click.

  • Rapid Repair Experts

    Click the link to view snipe clip.

  • WRBL Sports

    Virtual Sets

  • WBTW Blitz

    Virtual Sets

  • WSLS Halloween

    Virtual Sets

  • Daytime Blue Ridge, Valentines Day

    Virtual Sets

  • Daytime Blue Ridge, Seasons

    Virtual Sets

  • Daytime Blueridge, Art Detective

    Virtual Sets

  • Veteran’s Day

    Holiday ID

  • Valentines Day

    Holiday ID

  • Thanksgiving

    Holiday ID

  • St. Patrick’s Day

    Holiday ID

  • Kelo Vehicle Wrap

    Vehicle Wraps

  • Mother’s Day

    Holiday ID

  • Scene on Seven Package


  • Christmas

    Holiday ID

  • Memorial Day

    Holiday ID

  • Hurricane Package


  • New Years

    Holiday ID

  • IndependenceDay

    Holiday ID

  • Labor Day

    Holiday ID

  • Mobile Weather Lab

    Mobile Weather Lab

  • Ultra-Processed Foods

    News Still

  • WJHL Tri Cities

    Vehicle Wraps

  • Daring Rescue

    News Still

  • Storm Grants

    News Still

  • Western Wildfires

    News Still

  • Climate Change Effects

    News Still

  • Black Friday

    Holiday ID

  • May the Fourth

    News Still

  • Holiday Sales

    News Still

  • Easter

    Holiday ID

  • Online Voting

    News Still

  • Gap Stores Closing

    News Still

  • Ground Hog Day

    Holiday ID

  • Halloween

    Holiday ID

  • College Basketball Package


  • Hanukkah

    Holiday ID

  • 2016 Demo Reel




Want to

Join Us?

We are looking for talented, outgoing, communicative graphic designers to join a truly unique graphics world. You will develop graphics for news, marketing, sales, and special projects. You will work in the worlds of broadcast, print, and the web, designing daily news graphics, on-air campaigns, high-end animations, and other really cool projects. If you are proficient as a graphic designer using Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop, and Cinema 4D; have a strong desire for expanding your skillsets; and can handle a deadline-driven reality, then we want you! Graphic design degree is essential and strong design skills required; previous design/production employment or internships preferred. 3D experience is a plus.


Interested? Visit and select “Interactive Media” as the Career Area. Include a résumé and a link to your portfolio.

We offer an exciting and immersive internship program that counts for class credits. Our interns receive invaluable real-world design experience and quickly build an impressive skill set. Interns all do real assignments that will then end up on TV. Each intern is also paired with a mentor who guides their design skills and answers any questions, as well as being available to provide career advice or references. Interns also leave with contacts within the industry, professional-level pieces for a portfolio or demo reel, and often, glowing recommendations from MGFX management, as well as the possibility of a job offer.


Interested? Email with a résumé and a link to your portfolio.


Work Flow


The producer creates a work order through Axis World Graphics or LUCI with a detailed job description. Contact information, specific assets, and deadlines are entered into the work order. After specifics are provided, the work order may be submitted to the hub.


The work order is received at the hub through Axis and reviewed by a coordinator. The coordinator assures that all necessary information has been provided, and then assigns the work order to an available designer.


The designer receives the work order. They carry out any preliminary planning and conceptualization, then swiftly compose the requested graphic. Open dialogue allows the designer to maintain all visual aesthetics and integrity of the work order.


The designer submits the work order to their Senior Designer for review. The Senior Designer checks to make sure the requested graphic was accurately fulfilled, and also inspects for possible misspellings, inconsistencies, and technical errors.


Once the work order has been approved by the senior designer, it is delivered back to the producer.

Final Approve

The requester conducts a final review of the work order which can be approved or rejected. The approved graphic is ready for broadcast/print/etc.


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